dedicated, bold, & anything but ordinary

Elizabeth (but you can call her Liz) has been planning for as long as she can remember. From insisting that she needed an embossing kit for her 8th birthday, to building a wedding on a remote mountain top in the Santa Monica Mountains, flawless entertaining has always been her bread and butter. Her keen eye for detail and logistics allows her to create an experience that will even get nana dancing. And her love of solving the intricate puzzle that is a wedding makes for an effortless big day! Her hair will likely never be the same color twice, next time you see her she will probably have a new tattoo, and she’s been the girlboss behind WINK!’s unique approach to modern weddings since day one. If Liz isn’t at her desk or creating a dream wedding, she’s probably globetrotting with her husband, snuggling with her rescue pups, teaching her parrot to talk, or out doing barn chores. Fun fact: Liz co-manages her family farm along side her parents, raising horses, Shetland sheep and chickens.

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