Life is stressful enough! Between work, remembering your college best friend’s dog’s Zoom birthday, trying to fit in that home workout, and calling mom, thinking about a casual global pandemic, we get ZONKED! Then, BOOM! You’re engaged. You have no extra room for stress in your day-to-day. But don’t worry, we are here to share our favorite tips and reminders on keeping wedding planning stress free. Grab a latte, put your feet up and read on!

1. Keep your focus on the big picture. When you feel yourself getting anxious, stop and remember why you are planning this celebration in the first place. Let your mind wander back to your first date. Breathe deeply. Escape to the moment you first held hands, when you knew it was love, the first kiss. Recall your love story. This big day is all because you fell in love, first and foremost.

2. Take a day off from planning, a week if you can swing it. Here are the rules: No wedding talk, errands and phone-calls involving wedding plans are off-limits. Step away and recharge. Give yourself permission to relax. Get outside and soak up some sunshine. Pick up takeout from your favorite local eatery and put on that movie that still makes you laugh even though you’ve seen it a hundred times. Whip out Monopoly! Okay…maybe not Monopoly, but you get our drift. Whatever fills you up, do it. You will come back re-energized and more at peace, we guarantee it.












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3. Delegate. Hire a planner. Of course we went there, but heck, it’s the truth! They will take loads of the stress off you, help you perfect your day, and take as much or as little of the reigns as you would like. Find a planner you love and trust them with your dream! Use your resources. Does your cousin have the biggest sweet tooth? Talk to her about finding the best bakers out there! Is your bridesmaid a spreadsheet goddess? See if she can help you organize that address list! Friends and family want to help, enable them! Utilize your resources and don’t try to do it yourself.

4. Make your wedding yours. There will be people and family members giving their two cents about every little detail (not that we know this from experience or anything…) Try to stick to your guns. Your special day should reflect you and your partner. Let people know you will ask for help when you need it and try to be somewhat selfish when it comes to your vision. Do what you love. You won’t regret it and it will keep stress at bay, because you will be focusing on what you truly want instead of trying to please everyone else.


5. Communicate. With your planner, your family, your friends, your fiancé. Let them know exactly what you want. If something is important to you, say it! Be clear with what you have in mind, and double check they understand. If you really want the flowers a certain way, communicate that with your florist. If you would absolutely die if your DJ played a certain song, tell him or her. Keep everyone in the know so they don’t have to guess. They will be appreciative and you will get just what you want!

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6. Bend a little. If 2020 has taught us one things, it’s that some stuff may not go exactly as planned. Maybe the venue you dreamed of since you were little isn’t available on the date you want. Be flexible. Your best friend is due with her first baby the weekend before your wedding. Your brother says he won’t come to your wedding unless his dog can come. (Not making that one up, it really happened.) Real life means hiccups and (baby)bumps, and giving grace to others. Just remember, everything will work out in the end as long as marry your best friend.


Happy stress-free planning!




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